Great Britain currently hosts a debate on nuclear power. After the Fukushima accident in Japan, Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) abandoned its nuclear project development. The Scottish Government rejected nuclear energy, and aims at 100% renewable supply by 2050. In March 2012, RWE and E.ON, two of the six l Britain, renounced to develop new nuclear plant projects. However, the French company EDF Energy is still developing a nuclear project in the country.


Figure 1 – Context for storage in Great-Britain

Among the five largest European power producers, Great Britain appears to have the largest wind offshore resource. Pilot plants have been developed in the Irish Sea and the North Sea, and the projects of the first round of call for tender are now operational. In the Irish Sea, 1027 MW offshore wind turbines are already connected to the English grid, whereas 576 MW are under construction and 5700 MW are under development. Similarly, 1019 MW offshore wind turbines are currently operating in the North Sea, whereas 1404 MW are under construction and 25 000 MW are under development.