September 27th 2013
This week’s “Top 5” covers legal and financing subjects in the USA with FERC order on storage and utilities opinion on renewable compensation, as well as new storage projects and products elsewhere in the world.

Foreword – Clean Horizon’s activity

Clean Horizon published a short article simply explaining what is frequency regulation and what value can storage bring to this vital aspect of grid operation. We welcome your comments!

We will also speak at three conferences in the coming weeks.


1. Some US utilities, e.g. in California and Arizona states, think that residential PV owners do not pay enough for grid maintenance even though they still rely on it when the sun is not shining or when they give it their excess power. These utilities want to lower the price at which they pay this power (through net-metering) down to wholesale price instead of retail price. Alternatively they could make PV-owners pay a monthly fee for grid maintenance.

2. Explanations on the recent FERC order 784, which favors energy storage use in ancillary services and makes utilities explicitly include storage into their accountability.

3. ABB group subsidiary Power-one to unveil a new 2kWh residential storage system at Solar Energy UK in October, for commercialization in 2014.

4. German Article – Next October, E.ON will commercialize a new gas product called “E.On WindGas” containing 10% hydrogen coming from Power-To-Gas generation of wind assets.

5. Canadian startup Temporal Power to supply Ontario utility Hydro One with up to ten 500 kW steel made flywheels for frequency regulation in 2014.