October 11th 2013
This week’s “Top 5” covers debate around net metering for PV in California, two projects involving storage in Argentina and the UK, and a new CEO for A123.

1. AB 327 bill, which extends net metering for residential solar to 2017was signed into Californian law. However, net metering conditions are still likely to change, in view of the conflict opposing solar producers and utilities.

2. Three Californian utilities make a case against stored residential PV power by saying that consumers could be tempted to reinject grid power into the grid while saying it was generated by solar panels. They outline the need for two separate meters when installing PV and storage in homes, which raises the total cost of the installation.

3. Wind & Sun installed a micro grid on Scottish Isle of Muck that replaces the old diesel generator. Six 5 kW wind turbines are coupled with 33 kWp of PV and 150 kWh of storage to provide the 38 dwellers with 24/7 power. The project was subsidized up to 1.15 m€ by lottery funds.

4. Schmid group will build a 70 MWp PV plant in Argentina along with an undisclosed capacity of Vanadium redoxflow battery.

5. Jason Forcier was appointed A123’s new CEO.