Clean Horizon is proud to announce the launch of StorageAudit, its new service aimed at auditing, optimizing and benchmarking energy storage projects.

The white paper attached describes this service in more details.

Executive summary

The United States total over 400 MWh of battery projects installed according to the DOE. In Europe, storage projects have also finally seen a strong takeoff: grid-level projects are now being developed outside of the mere scope of R&D funding and are appearing in calls for tenders for real-life usage.

In this context, channeling private, third party funding to storage projects will be key in fostering the widespread adoption of storage technologies.

Ensuring such a third party financing will require reliable, swift and independent partners to perform the due diligence of storage projects for investors.

These partners and the service they deliver are key in providing investors with the reassurance that the projects are sized optimally and have the greatest likelihood to generate returns.

However, performing such an auditing service is a difficult task, as precisely sizing the storage asset requires a good understanding of the battery usage and, especially, an in-depth modeling of battery ageing.

Therefore, today Clean Horizon delivers StorageAUDIT, as storage project auditing service to the energy storage and investment communities using IP generated by the CEA team at INES:

  • Clean Horizon has been a trusted advisor to the global energy storage community ever since its inception in 2009
  • The CEA team at INES has developed a sizing software and tested 100+ references (and counting) at its state of the art facilities,

This white paper presents the rationale for a need for such an auditing service, and the key values it delivers : White Paper StorageAUDIT