November 22nd 2013
This week’s “Top 5” includes new project and strategies from corporations regarding storage, as well as first RFP for storage in California

1. Xtreme Power will deploy a 2 MW 15 minute li-ion battery on a 12 MW PV farm in Hawaii. It will be the eight system installed by this company in Hawaii.

2. US storage company SolarReserve will launch next year a 110 MW CSP equipped with Molten Salt storage in Nevada, with a 25-year PPA. It will be the wolrd’s largest CSP plant.

3. French group Areva becomes more active in all fields of energy storage, by closing a deal with a South-German utility for Power to gas technology, adding flywheels to its portfolio and studying phase change materials.

4. French article – Siemens aims at launching its Syliver PEM electrolyzer in 2014-2015. Beginning with a few MW electrolyzers and with a final objective of 100 MW ones a few years after that, the efficiency should be in the range of 60-75%.

5. Southern California Edison utility, 13 millions customers in California, recently launched an RFP for 50 MW of storage in the next eight years, called Local Capacity Requirements request for Offer. Storage assets must be at least 500 kW/ 2 hours.

Best Regards,
Hugues Chanoine