This week’s “Top 5” includes the announcement of energy storage projects, news on the regulatory side in the US and Germany and bad news for the offshore wind industry in the UK.

Clean Horizon will teach a master class on energy storage sizing at the next Energy Storage World Forum in April 2014 in London.

1. Toshiba will install a 40MW/20 MWh battery system in Sendai, Japan, by 2015 for renewable integration.

2. New FERC Order 792 is a boost for energy storage, says ESA.
“Rule 792 adds energy storage as a power source that is eligible to connect to the grid. It effectively puts energy storage in the same category as the existing Small Generator Interconnection Procedures and makes it eligible for the existing Fast Track process.”

3. German CDU/CSU and SPD have reached an agreement to form a government. In their energy policy, they committed to present a reform of the EEG law by Easter next year. However the coalition formation is pending a vote by SPD members in early December.
Non-retroactive cuts in FIT are expected, energy intensive grid-tariffs rebates shall be maintained albeit reduced, and storage options shall be technically and economically examined before a definite policy is decided (this could take years).

4. French article – RWE gave up its 1.2 GW wind offshore project in the UK. It is a sign that the UK energy policy offers poor visibility to investors and project developers.

5. Acta S.p.A. announced the installation of a fully integrated hydrogen “battery” energy storage system by 2014 for off-grid electricity generation on the island of Pulau Satumu in Singapore. The electrolyzer will produce H2 from renewable energy and rainwater at 1m3/h and the fuel cell module will produce 4 kW of electricity.

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