Top 5 energy storage news of the weekDecember 6th, 2013
This week’s “Top 5” includes future RFP, project and product, as well as an acquisition and ongoing conflict between storage advocates and utilities in California.

French article – Clean Horizon’s CEO Michaël Salomon gave his thoughts on the storage industry to GreenUnivers.

1. As part of the Long Term Energy Plan, Ontario Government will include 50 MW of energy storage in the procurement process by the end of 2014 (which means there might not be RFP before the end of 2014). Additionally, studies will be carried out to establish value of storage for the grid and potential barriers, and there will be other possibilities for storage to be included in renewable energy procurements (for projects larger than 500 kW).

2. “Samsung SDI said on November 28 that it signed an agreement with Acme Group, an Indian energy management vendor, to supply 110-MWh energy storage systems for two years.”

3. French company Forsee Power bought Dow Kokam France SAS to manufacture batteries in France along all the power range.

4. SolarCity will provide Tesla batteries for businesses along with its PV systems. The system will go from 10 kW to hundreds of kW and last 2 hours. There is no up-front cost to pay, but a 10-year agreement. SolarCity targets areas serviced by utilities with high peak demand rates in the US: PG&E and SCE in California, NSTAR in Massachusetts, and Connecticut Light&Power.

5. Since mid-2013 the three investor owned utilities of California, SCE, PG&E and SDG&E, have refused to connect 300 PV/storage systems (about 10 MW) – through extra red tape, further delays and costs -, for fear that storage could reinject grid energy into the grid, thus cheating the net metering system.
To solve the problem one way or another, CPUC president Michael Peevey launched an assigned commissioner ruling (ACR), which could led to a CPUC decision around mid-December.

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