December 13th, 2013
This week’s “Top 5” includes new research findings, power to gas becoming operational, and analysis in Northern Europe, Germany and Japan.

1. Scientists have found that dendrites that form in Li-ion batteries do not originate on the electrode surface to expand into the electrolyte, but take shape inside the electrode.

2. ITM Power has started injecting hydrogen into the German gas distribution grid at its Frankfurt pilot plant developed with German partners.

3. According to independent Norwegian research center SINTEF, Norwegian refurbishment of dams to create pumped hydro storage could provide 11 to 18 GW of storage and could be the best solution to integrate renewables in Northern Europe.

4. This article analyzes the market issues of a deep renewable penetration, especially in Germany. Rainer Baake of think tank Agora Energiwende says a capacity market involving energy storage is inevitable in the future.

5. Following two storage projects announced in Japan last week, the article sums up the situation there. Japan government released a $300m grant for large-scale storage this year.

Best Regards,
Hugues Chanoine