January 10th, 2014
Happy New Year!
2014 first “Top 5” includes new projects, a new technology and business news for Aquion.

1. Aquion Energy closed a $55m series D venture capital. The company plans to go commercial with its $250/kWh sodium-ion battery in the next six months. To date it has deployed three demonstrators, including one for the DoE.

2. Enervault will reach completion of its first 250 kW redox flow battery this week, in California. The company says it will reach DoE target of $250/kWh.

3. Toshiba will test a 500kW/776 kWh battery in Spain for the next five years, in partnership with NEDO and Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa.

4. A 2MW A123 battery became operational in China for frequency regulation. The battery is owned by Chinese energy services company Ray Power Systems Co. Ltd.

5. French article – US company Power Porous Technologies announced a new li-ion battery separator based on ceramic materials to enhance thermal stability.

Best Regards,

Hugues Chanoine.