January 17th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes 2 new projects, and 3 research leads

Clean Horizon’s CEO Michaël Salomon will teach a master class on energy storage sizing at the next Energy Storage World Forum in April 2014 in London. Come and see us!

1. French Article – SAFT will install a 4.5MW/9MWh in la Réunion to support a 9 MWp solar farm, within the frame of CRE’s (French Regulator) call for tender. Project developer is Akuo. Commissioning is expected during S1 2014.

2. ABB will install a second Storage device at a SEPTA substation (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) to capture energy from train braking and supply frequency regulation. ABB’s Enviline platform will include supercapacitors and batteries.

3. French article – a Harvard research team identified molecules that could divide the price of flow battery by three. These molecules are quinones:

4. PNNL developed a hybrid anode to extend lithium-sulfur battery lifetime. Li-S can potentially have an energy density four times higher than other Lithium-ion technologies, while having a much shorter lifespan (100 cycles).
In Li-S batteries, sulfur cathodes slowly disintegrate and create polysulfide that form a layer on the anode, preventing it from working. PNNL researcher have found that adding graphite on the anode prevents the polysulfide layer from forming and extend the Li-S battery lifespan by more than four times.

5. MIT researchers found that lithium battery’s cathode could have a longer lifespan if made of disordered materials. This would prevent the usually ordered cathode to be deformed by the constant coming and going of lithium ions.

Best Regards,
Hugues Chanoine.