This week’s “Top 5” includes three projects, a contract for Saft and a partnership for WattJoule Corporation.

1. A123 will supply a 1MW/2.8 MWh to IHI Corporation in Japan.

2. Partnering with Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) and 1Energy Systems, LG Chem will supply a 1 MW/500 kWh battery this year, as part of  the MESA-1 project.

3. Williams Advanced Energy will install flywheels on two Scottish Islands to support renewable generation. WAE develops the technologies originally designed for the Williams formula ones. The flywheels (power and size unspecified) will be paired to already existing lead acid batteries to enhance their lifetime and to diesel generators.

4. Saft will install 3-hour batteries in 122 Hitachi trains in the UK for passengers safety and comfort.

5. Wattjoule Corporation – a stealth mode company developing flow battery – will license Batelle/PNNL’s flow battery technology to enlarge the operating temperature range of its batteries by 115% and increase their energy density by 100%.

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