February 7th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes companies teaming up, contract and grants awarded and project operational projects.

1. EnerDel and Parker Hannifin have teamed up to provide 1.5MW/2.5MWh li-ion energy storage for back up power in Sochi, were the Winter Olympics will be held. A similar system was installed in Saint Petersburg. Both systems are operational.

2. French article – Areva and Schneider will partner to develop hydrogen storage systems for off grid application. Areva is negotiating with PV developers to provide storage within the CRE 2012 RFP (60 MWp of PV + storage). Except 3 projects, PV developers have still not chosen their storage providers.

3. EnStorage and Princeton Power System received a $950 000 grant from the US-Israeli BIRD program to commercialize EnStorage 150kW/900 kWh HBr flow battery paired with Princeton’s Inverter.

4. Endesa launched grid-connected storage in the Islands of Gran Canaria, La Palma and La Gomera in Spain.  Endesa, Schneider Electric, Isotrol and Ingeteam take part in this $15m project, called Store. Technologies deployed are li-ion batteries, flywheels and supercondensers.

5. Earl Energy, who manufactures systems that includes storage to optimize diesel genset operation, recently won two contracts with the US Department of Defense and will begin testing its system on a drilling rig in Texas (ultracaps connected to a 1.2 MW generator)

Best Regards.