February 14th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes grant awarded, projects completed or planned, and a more detailed article about storage and trains.

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1. SolarReserve completed construction of its 110 MW thermal solar plant with molten salt storage in Nevada, called Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project. Full commercial activity is expected in 2014 after test and start phases.

2. Viridor Waste Management Ltd and Highview Power Storage have been awarded an £8m grant by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for a liquid air energy storage project in the UK.

3. Sumitomo corp deployed a 600 kW/400 kWh battery made of 16 used EV batteries in Osaka, Japan.

4. Primus Power will deploy a 250 kW / 1 MWh battery in USAF Miramar Air Base. The base’s objective is to be energy self sufficient by 2017.

5. A descriptive article about storage systems collecting the braking energy of trains and providing frequency regulation for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority.
The first system is earning more money that expected thanks to more energy being injected into the grid. While it uses only a battery (800 kW, 400 kWh battery from Saft, with ABB and Viridity Energy products), the second project will also include Maxwell supercaps. SEPTA has plans for ten more projects like these.

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