February 21st, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” puts SAFT forward with two articles, unveils a new product offer as well as more detailed articles about DECC £8m grant and Aquion batteries production line.

1. ECO-H Technologies will integrate Saft’s batteries into its ECO-H hybrid genset/storage solution for drilling applications. The system will optimize gensets operation and help with peak shaving and load leveling. It is patent pending and will be distributed by Tesco Corporation, which should buy 10 systems this year.
Saft delivered a 500 KW/525 kWh battery for the ECO-H demonstrator system last December.

2. CODA energy will integrate Princeton Power Systems inverters to offer a storage solution to reduce peak demand charges for commercial buildings.

3. More details on the DECC £8m grant to Highview Power Storage and Viridor. The money will be used to build a 5 MW/15 MWh liquefied air storage demonstrator in Kent. Project should be operational by mid-2015.

4. Saft will supply 1.25 MW / 1MWh of storage to the US Department of Defense for the Fort Hunterr Ligget base. Two 630 kW Clean Power inverters will be used.

5. A look at Aquion batteries production line, which uses equipment from the pharmaceutical industry to keep costs low and compete with lead-acid batteries while having a lifetime two times higher.

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