March 7th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes partnerships in the storage industry,  a loan, a company getting listed on the stock exchange, and some more general articles about the industry.

0. Storage manufacturers are invited to take part in our 2014 ESS Pricing Survey.
With this questionnaire we aim at establishing a picture of the state of the industry as it is today, from a technical but above all with a price approach. What is the most common product offering? What is the average MW price of the industry today? What kind of warranty can clients obtain or purchase? Here is a sample of the questions addressed in this study that we will answer with your help.
The study will allow the participants to benchmark themselves against the storage industry.
The results will be shared among participants who complete the entire study under an aggregated format, without disclosing company names.
We crafted the questions so as not to consume too much of your valuable time.

1. LG Chem and Parker Hannifin are the first certified suppliers for AES Advancion system.

2. French Article – Solid hydrogen storage company McPhy will be listed on Euronext – the Paris Stock Exchange.

3. Green Charge Network received a $10 million loan to launch its business model, renting batteries to customers to shave peak demand, without upfront costs. The company uses an own-made software.

4. German utility RWE announced $3.8 billion losses last year. This is symptomatic of issues faced by utilities: high quantity of renewable getting priority on the wholesale market and making prices plummet, and consumers’ willingness to get off the grid to become self-sufficient, as is already the case for 16% of German companies.

5. An article summing up grid storage battery technologies, with an interesting list of major large storage battery manufacturers and their technology.

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