March 28th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes acquisition, new project and facilitie, price data and operation report.


1. NEC will spend $100m to purchase A123 Energy Solutions from Wanxiang group and create NEC Energy Solutions in June with the expertise of both companies.
Wanxiang retains ownership of the automotive storage part of A123 systems LLC.

2. Redflow announced the capital cost for its flow battery is AUS$875/kWh (800 USD/kWh). The company also announced it was aiming at a 40% drop in costs by the end of the year do to ramping up manufacturing capabilities. Its main product is 3kW/8kWh.

3. LG Chem will have two ESS manufacturing plants ready in July, with manufacturing capacities of 23 and 7 MWh a year. (Not MW as indicated in the article)
It partnered with ABB to offer MW-scale full storage solutions.

4. Advanced Rail Energy Storage North America will launch a gravity train storage project in Nevada. The rails will be 4 miles long, the output 50 MW and the ramp up time 10 seconds.

5. Results for the first year of operation of Duke energy 36 MW lead acid BESS in a 153 MW wind farm for load leveling and ancillary services. The BESS provides accurate frequency regulation and trade on ERCOT energy market, but only when it is profitable to do so (e.g. during the winter vortex).
More and more customers are starting to realize the value storage can provide, and are starting to ask how it can be included.”(in PPAs).