April 4th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes a very large battery project announcement, other projects news and a new flywheel technology.

Clean Horizon was quoted on frequency regulation in an article dealing with RES storage project (also discussed in another article below).

1. Pending “a suitable commercial agreement”, AES plans to build a 100 MW battery facility for wind integration by early 2015 in Northern Ireland.

2. RES Americas announced the commissioning of its 4 MW/2.6 MWh lithium battery in Ohio to provide frequency regulation.
“RES Americas anticipates delivering the company’s second 4MW system in June 2014 in Ontario, Canada for the grid operator IESO. The company is currently marketing additional fully-developed frequency regulation projects in PJM.”

3. NEC Corp announced the commissioning of a 2 MWh battery in Calabria, Italy for Enel Distribuzione. The battery will diminish overflows from the medium voltage network to the high voltage network caused by renewable generation.

4. Hitachi America will deploy a 1MW/1MWh CrystEna li-ion demonstrator in New Jersey with Connecticut-based smart grid services provider Demansys Energy LLC for frequency regulation on PJM market and capacity providing.

5. Beacon Power purchased the technology for a higher energy density flywheel from a Korean University for $330000 and 1.5% of sales for the next ten years.

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