April 18th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes acquisition of Xtreme Power assets, good news for PV and storage in California, a joint venture between Sony and Hydro Quebec, a grant between Ioxus and FlexGen and a grant for  flow battery developer ESS.


1. Younicos Inc, subsidiary of Younicos AG, acquired the assets of the late Xtreme Power and will retain its team members.

2. According to solar developers, Californian utilities have hitherto hampered the installation of PV/solar systems with long connection delays, additional fees and testing. Now Californian CPUC is making mandatory for utilities to connect PV+storage systems to the grid without further fees or additional studies, and to consider the systems as conventional net metered solar only systems. There are however constraints to ensure that the systems do not reinject grid energy into the grid disguising it as solar power.
SolarCity has consequently resumed submitting applications for connections following this decision.
In comments to the commission, SDG&E says these systems will put an unfair burden on those who do not have one, while PG&E wants the exemptions from additional fees and testing to be limited in time and to residential customers only.

3. Sony and Hydro Quebec will create a Joint Venture in June 2014 to develop a large scale Energy Storage based on Sony Li-ion iron phosphate battery and Hydro Quebec management tools and its own li-ion technology.

4. Ioxus Ultracapacitors will be used by FlexGen Power Systems in their Solid State Generator (diesel genset plus storage) as FlexGen will deliver systems to 25 drilling pits within the next two years.

5. ESS received $2.1m form Arpa-e to scale up its iron flow battery, along with $150 000 form Oregon BEST.

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