May 23rd, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes Enervault ‘s Iron-Chromium pilot plant going online, a new French storage partnership, a solar and storage funding in NY state, results on the German solar and storage subsidy, and a hydrogen storage project in Germany.


1. EnerVault pilot plant is completed and will go online this week. “By 2015, EnerVault expects to have multi-megawatt commercial systems installed.”

2. French article – French storage start-ups McPhy and Atawey have teamed up to offer a new storage solution for off grid and remote place applications. The solution will comprise lead acid batteries for short-term storage, an electrolyzer made by French company Sagim, a hydrogen storage developed by Mc Phy, a fuel cell, and the control software developed by Atawey.

3. PON 2956 is the latest NYSERDA solar funding program, which can finance up to 50% of minimum 200 kWp solar projects, with a total budget of $60m. Projects can earn an extra $50k if they include energy storage. Deadline is July 17th 2014.

4. Germany residential Solar+Storage subsidy has enabled the installation of 4000 systems in its first year. €10m were given in grants and €66m in loans.

5. Siemens will build a 6MW electrolyzer to convert wind power into hydrogen in the city of Mainz, Germany. H2 will be stored into tanks, to be either injected into the grid or fed to H2 filling station of H2 vehicles. Operations will begin in Spring 2015.