June 27th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes tax savings for storage in Germany, another solar company getting involved into storage, a new MW size battery in the UK, storage getting into the spot market in California, and regulatory and technical bad news for solar storage in Germany.


Storage Regulatory Watch (SRW) – Germany: Keep track of the regulatory evolutions and of its impacts on energy storage business cases.
In order to anticipate market evolutions, Clean Horizon provides you with a quarterly update on:
– possible regulatory changes
– grid development
– PV and storage market
– electricity prices for storage assets
Are you interested in understanding regulatory evolutions of European markets and in taking a global perspective on the TOP 5? Please call us for more information.


0. Clean Horizon analyzed that electricity prices for average industrial customers using storage in Germany can be as low as 97 €/MWh: tax reductions can reduce the price by 49%. Contact us for more information on this and SRW.

1. Following in SolarCity’s footsteps, SunPower will offer storage along with its PV installations to its residential customers. Testing is underway in California.

2. Toshiba Corporation will supply a 2 MW/1MWh Lithium Titanate battery to a research group led by the University of Sheffield for the Grid Connected Energy Storage Research Demonstrator project. The BESS will be installed in a primary substation in the UK in September.

3. Californian company Stem announced it would aggregate its behind the meter storage systems to take part in the CAISO power market.

4. EEG – reform in Germany: all new PV plus storage assets (above 10kWp) installed after 2014 August 1st and dedicated to self-consumption will be charged with 40% of the regulated amount of EEG-Surcharge (62,4 €/MWh in 2014).

5. German Article – Battery safety issues: Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) recently showed safety issues in testing 5 battery home storage systems “made in Germany”.

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