July 4th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes the announced start of UK capacity market, a new business model for STEM, fundraising for Redflow, a new initiative from DNV GL, and the vote of the EEG 2.0 in Germany.


1. “The U.K. energy department will contract 53.3 gigawatts of power, (…), during the first year of operation for its so-called capacity market starting April 2018. Most of that will be offered in December, when contracts for 50.8 gigawatts will be sold. The rest will be offered in 2017. ” Energy Storage is included in the eligible technologies.

2. Stem is running a pilot to aggregate its behind-the-meter storage systems to sell extra power on CAISO’s wholesale market during peak hours, when the price goes above $56/MWh. Stem made a deal with CAISO and PG&E to render the scheme possible.

3. Australian start up Redflow raised AUSD 8.21 millions on the Australian stock exchange, well over the 6-million goal.

4. DNV GL announced the creation of GRIDSTOR, an industrial project aiming at creating best practices for the safe and secure implementation of grid storage systems. GRIDSTOR will group 15 storage industry players and will start in 2015.

5. “The Bundestag after a lively debate has just voted in favour of the EEG 2014 reform package”

A happy 4th of July to our many American readers!
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