July 16th, 2014
Last week’s “Top 5” has been postponed to today. It includes the first European sale for SK Innovation, good news for Acme group, a storage program in the state of Washington, another step for German EEG 2.0 and a new DOE program that includes storage.


1. SK Innovation sold its first 1MW Energy Storage System in Europe for a micro-grid project in Magdeburg, Germany.

2. The Indian solar and telecom equipment supplier Acme group has been contracted by a leading African telecoms and towers company to provide energy storage systems. Acme aims at distributing about 110MWh of lithium-ion batteries in India and Africa by 2016. In December 2013 Samsung announced an agreement with Acme Group for about… 110MWh.

3. Washington state launched its own grid storage program with $14.3 million to help state utilities Snohomish Public Utility District, Puget Sound Energy and Avista to deploy storage to better integrate wind and solar power.

4. Last week the German Bundesrat, following the Bundestag, approved the EEG 2.0.  Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck needs to sign the bill before the EEG reform package can enter into force on 1 August.
For more details on the related impact on storage, please contact us.

5. A new DOE program aims at supporting new renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  It is a US$4 billion loan program linked to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan and includes storage.


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