July 18th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes next step announcement for Hydrostor, a new grant in California, a company seeking investments, an overview of storage in Texas, and a partnership between Canadian and French players.


1. Hydrostor will deploy its first commercial 1MW/3MWh underwater CAES in August.

2. California announced $26.5 millions in grants for microgrid projects that aim at integrating renewables. Some of the projects should be able to self sustain with 100% of renewable for three hours, which means including energy storage. Deadline for application is November.

3. “ViZn Energy Systems Inc., the Montana-based producer of battery-storage systems, is seeking as much as $25 million during the next six months to expand manufacturing. ”

4. An overview of storage drivers in Texas. Here are the interesting parts:
– “Senate Bill 943 (…) states that storage is given all the same interconnection rights as any other generation asset that is allowed to interconnect, obtain transmission service and participate in electricity markets.”
– “Other storage projects in the pipeline include a proposed Dresser-Rand 317MW compressed air energy storage facility in the Tennessee Colony of East Texas, with an expected cost of USD$200m.”

5. Hydro-Québec research institute and the French region Aquitaine have signed “an agreement signaling their interest in collaborating in the field of advanced battery materials for transportation electrification.”

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