July 25th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes a new project for Saft, a flywheel facility operational in Canada, a tour of Aquion Energy facility, a rush of storage connection applications in California, and an analysis of German EEG 2.0 from a storage angle.


1. Saft will deliver 6 MW/4.63 MWh of lithium ion batteries to the Kauai Island Utility Co-operative (KIUC) in Hawaii, as part of a 12 MW solar energy park under construction. Saft will also deliver 6 MW ABB PCS. Delivery is due to start in November.

2. Temporal Power 2 MW flywheel facility in Ontario is now operational. The storage systems were deployed for NRStor and will provide frequency regulation service.

3. A story on Aquion Energy. In its West Pennsylvania factory, the company has manufactured 2 MWh of its battery made of salt water, carbon and manganese dioxide in 2014 so far.
Aquion is selling the battery for below $500/kWh. Its objective is to come down to $350/kWh by the end of 2015 and below $200/kWh by 2020. The current manufacturing capability is 200 MWh per year but there is room to expand to 1 GWh/year. The battery can last 3000 cycles.
The article contains multiple pictures of Aquion factory and assembly line.

4. Feedback on the 1.325 GW Californian storage target. According to CAISO, project developers have submitted grid connection applications for 2 GW worth of storage as of mid-2014.

5. According to this article, the EEG 2.0 new tax on onsite-consumption will have a negative but short-term effect on energy storage. However the unclarity of the law may hide more threats to storage profitability.