August 1st, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes Ontario announcing multiple storage projects, a coming RFP for PV and storage in France, Panasonic confirming its involvement in the Giga factory, new funds for Green Charge Networks, and EEG 2.0 entiring into force today in Germany.

A new RFP for PV and storage is in sight in France. Clean Horizon is well versed on this topic with its ability to precisely model a PV+battery system and its revenues. For more information, contact us at
1. “Ontario’s grid operator, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), has announced new energy storage projects” totaling 34 MW, as part of the State 50 MW target. The companies selected are: Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., Convergent Energy and Power LLC, Dimplex North America, Hecate Energy, and Hydrogenics Corp.
More details on Ontario future storage installations can be found here. They include large batteries, flywheels, thermal storage and hydrogen storage. The projects will have to provide frequency control, voltage control and reactive power.

2. French article – Energy Minister Ségolène Royale presented on July 29th the key elements of the Energy transition law. She mentioned having begun writing specifications for a 50 MW PV&storage RFP in the island territories for PV systems above 250 KWp. Whether or not this will be a part of the larger RFP for PV announced for September is not specified.

3. Panasonic will supply cells to Tesla’s Giga factory.

4. Green Charge Networks raised $56m, with K road DG as the main investor. GCN owns and operates the storage systems it rents to commercial customers (e.g. 7-eleven).

5. The new renewable law, also called EEG 2.0, enters into force today. Discussions for the EEG 3.0 are already on the agenda starting January 2016.

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