September 5th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes a 2.5 MW project announcement in California, a large storage commitment for Austin, Texas, a partnership in Europe, a microgrid being built in the US for storm reliance, and the first Chilean pumped hydro project.


1.  Nec Energy Solutions will deploy a 2.5 MW/3.99 MWh battery for a Californian utility. The battery will explore how storage can serve the utility.

2. “Last night, the Austin city council voted in favor of a resolution that would increase the city’s rooftop and utility-scale solar targets by 800 megawatts over the coming years.” The plan includes “a mandatory strategy to procure 200 megawatts of fast-response storage”.

3. Australian Zinc bromine redoxflow battery manufacturer RedFlow signed an agreement with German integrator BlueSkyEnergie GmbH to boost sales in Europe. Earlier in June RedFlow also signed an agreement with Schneider Electric.

4. Vermont utility Green Moutain Power began the construction of a 2 MW solar micro grid with 4 MW of li-ion and lead acid battery storage procured by Dynapower. The micro grid is designed to power a nearby school in case of storm.

5. Spanish article – Valhalla Energía presented a project to build Chilean first PHES to store the power of 890 MW of PV capacity, with 190 more MW in projects.The storage system will have a capacity of 300 MW. Currently only 1% of the global installed pumped hydro capacity is on the South America continent.

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