September 19th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes a microgrid project for ABB, a new financing round for Stem, a focus on storage research at Stanford, new sales for IdealPower and an update on Redflow.

Clean Horizon and Highview Power Storage white papers on long duration energy storage have been reproduced in PV Magazine.


1. ABB will install 2 MW of flywheel PowerStore storage on the American island of Kodiak, off the Alaskan coast. The flywheel will help the 3 MW of batteries already installed to manage the fluctuation of power induced by the 9 MW wind farm and of the to-be installed electric port crane, the current one being smaller and running on diesel.

2. Stem closed a $100m round of financing to finance its no-money-down storage business model. The money is provided by New York investment manager B Asset Manager.
According to GTM Research, Coda also raised $6.4m and Green Charge Networks $66m in total for similar business model.

3. Dr Cui of Stanford University is researching how to use lithium anode battery, which would increase energy density up to fivefold. A way to prevent the increased risk of dendrite formation would be to coat the anode into a graphene layer, which would let lithium ions flowing but would not leave them enough space to form dendrites. The technology might take a few years to become commercial. Dr Cui is the founder of Amprius, which could pick up this technology.

4. IdealPower will supply 30 kW PCS to Sharp, which will integrate them in its SmartStorage systems. These systems “are being installed in commercial buildings throughout California for demand charge reduction.”

5. Redflow has completed the trial of a 48 zinc-bromine battery system linked to a 144 kW inverter. Next step is the completion of a 60-battery 20-foot container with 0.6 MWh of power.

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