October 23rd, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes two projects for S&C in Australia and Illinois, one for Panasonic for EV stations storage in  California, and two new players in the residential/commercial storage sector.

1. “S&C […] was awarded a contract by Ergon Energy, an Australian utility, to provide 20 S&C [25 kW/100 kWh] PureWave® Community Energy Storage Systems for the utility’s Grid Utility Support Systems (GUSS).””Ergon Energy estimates these systems will reduce network augmentation costs by more than 35 percent.  The first deployment of the GUSS units is expected to be complete by early 2015, with the possibility of hundreds more being used across Ergon’s network in coming years.”

2. ” S&C Electric Co. has announced the deployment of six 25-kW PureWave Community Energy Storage (CES) systems at its global headquarters in Chicago. The company says its 150 kW system provides fast-response frequency regulation for the PJM market.”

3. “Panasonic announced it is providing engineering, construction and procurement services to Powertree Services Inc. to build 68 electric vehicle charging stations at multi-unit residential properties in San Francisco.” The stations will be powered by PV and include energy storage.

4. “JuiceBox Energy of San Jose, CA has entered into a strategic supply agreement with Nexcon Technology to provide lithium-ion battery modules for residential and light commercial renewable energy storage.” JuiceBox 8.6 kWh storage system will be available in early 2015.

5. Enphase Energy, which hitherto specialized in microinverter, will launch a storage system for residential and commercial application. The 275-550W/1.2kWh system will integrate a microinverter and BMS from Enphase and a li-ion phosphate battery from Japanese company Eliiy Power. The company will launch production in 2015 and will install pilot systems with Lennar Homes, Hawaii Energy Connection and Vivint Solar before that.

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