October 30th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes a project for Saft in Bolivia, a new recycled vanadium flow battery, a Swiss start up coming up with a billion dollar factory in the US, a behind the meter renewable/storage grant in New Jersey, and a million dollar award for Stem.


1. “Spain’s Isastur Group has specified Saft Intensium® Max Li-ion battery systems for a hybrid power plant in Bolivia that combines a 5 MW PV array with 16 MW diesel generation [Pando project]. Storage of solar energy will improve access to electrical power in a remote area of Bolivia while helping save an estimated 20 million litres of diesel fuel a year.”
Saft will install two 1.1 MW/580 kWh containers.

2. Imergy Power Systems introduced a 50 kW/ 200 kWh flow battery using recycled vanadium. Imergy is licensing a new electrolyte chemistry from PNNL, which increases energy density by 70% compared to current vanadium flow batteries. The company boasts a price of $300/kWh, and has sold six systems in California and India,  for renewable integration, microgrids and military applications. A 250 kW system is in development and should be available by mid-2015.

3. Swiss based storage start up Alevo purchased former Phillip Morris plant in North Carolina for $68.5m and plans to invest $1bn in it. Alevo will supply 2MW/1MWh “GridBank” containers based on LiFePO4 chemistry with a sulfur based electrolyte, and claims to have achieved 40000 deep charge cycles durting tests. The company has established partnerships in China and Turkey and has booked 200 MW of orders.

4. New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved a $3 million competitive solicitation for renewable storage projects. The renewable asset must be behind-the-meter and net-metered, and can be pre-existing or to-be-installed, and have a minimum 50 kW capacity.

5. “Stem, Inc., has won a $935K cooperative award from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. With this funding […], Stem will develop an advanced software platform for energy storage evaluation and automated system control to improve the application of distributed storage in areas with high PV penetration.”

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