December 5th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes new storage RFOs in California, VC funds for Sonnenbatterie, a new microgrid project for Imergy Power, an agreement between Black & Veatch and Dynapower Company and the launch of a residential storage system from Japanese company Itochu.

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1. To comply with the 1.3 GW storage target in California (AB 2514), SCE and PG&E both published RFOs, SCE for 16.3 MW and PG&E for 74 MW. Offers are due respectively by April 1st and February 17th, 2015.

2. Sonnenbatterie collected $9.4m in venture capital from Munich Venture Partners, Chrysalix SET and eCapital to increase production of its residential and commercial storage systems. The company has sold 4000 of them in Europe.

3. Imergy Power will supply its vanadium-based flow batteries to Foresight Renewable Solutions for a U.S. Navy microgrid in California. The microgrid will include 100 kW/400 kWh of storage (three containers) and 50 kWp of PV.

4. “Black & Veatch and Dynapower Company have signed an agreement to create a strategic alliance to address the growing need for grid-scale energy storage systems. Through the alliance the companies will work together to address both transmission- and distribution-level energy storage projects, both in North America and internationally. The partnership will develop and deploy storage solutions of all sizes and technologies.”

5. Japanese company Itochu will begin sale this month of a 7 kWh residential-solar storage system that integrates li-ion cells from Sony Corp. “The device, to be sold for 2.4 million yen ($20,000), can store about 60 percent of the electricity an average household needs a day”

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