December 12th, 2014
This week’s “Top 5” includes funds for Seeo, more details on the Californian RFOs announced last week, a grant awarded to EOS, a full PV and storage microgrid in Australia and a license agreement for Highview Power Storage.

1.  Still hiring
Last week, we let you know that one of our clients was looking for a Germany-based business developer – we are still accepting applications: do contact to know more!

2. Clean Horizon was mentioned in this article on the French storage industry and listed among “specialist providers” with “a solid reputation in the field.””such as Clean Horizon, McPhy and Saft”.

1. Seeo ended its largest funding round with Samsung Ventures joining earlier investors Kholsa Ventures and GSR Ventures. Seeo will use the money to accelerate the commercialization of its high energy density solid lithium polymer battery. Seeo cells have reached 350 Wh/kg and are targeting 400 Wh/kg. Invested amounts were not disclosed.

2. “On December 1st, 2014, California’s three Investor Owned Utilities—[PG&E, SDG&E, SCE issued RFOs] for a total of approximately 95 MW of energy storage in California.”

3. EOS Energy Storage was awarded more than $2m for its Battery system by the California Energy Commission within the EPIC (Electric Program Investment Charge) Program for “Developing Advanced Energy Storage Technology Solutions to Lower Costs and Achieve Policy Goals”. EPRI won $1m for its “Validated and Transparent Energy Storage Valuation and Optimization Tool”

4. “The Mackerel Islands Tourist Resort in Western Australia coast has gone 100 per cent renewables, with the launch on Monday of a 325kW solar plus storage system”. The batteries can store 640 kWh.

5. “Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. […]  announced that it has signed a license agreement with UK based Highview Power Storage (“Highview”) to bring Highview’s innovative Liquid Air Energy Storage (“LAES”) systems to market in North America. The Company also made a $2.8 million dollar investment in Highview and has appointed a representative to Highview’s Board of Directors.””Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:ADES) serves as the holding entity for a family of companies that provide emissions solutions to customers in the power generation and other industries.”

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