January 2nd, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a potential  half-a-billion-dollar in subsidies for storage in Japan, the first capacity market auction in the UK, decreasing prices for Beacon Power, a new storage project in the state of Washington and a battery-swapping pilot program for Tesla.

1. “The Japanese government is considering the allocation of 50 billion yen ($415 million) to subsidize installations of storage systems for solar power, the Yomiuri newspaper reported.”

2. A “capacity market auction last week [in the UK] led to the procurement of 49.26 GW of new capacity, mainly from fossil and nuclear fuels, at a clearing price which will cost U.K. households nearly £1 billion.” The clearing price was £19.40/MW and capacity will have to be operational by 2018. 13 winners are listed as “storage” for a total capacity of 2.7 GW

3. According to Beacon Power CEO, flywheel costs are dropping down fast:” the company’s next plants, two of which are in advanced planning, will cost less than half as much as the new plant in Pennsylvania.”

4. Avista utility is deploying a $7m UET battery in the state of Washington that should be operational in the spring for backup power in Pullman, Wa.

5. Tesla announced a battery-swap pilot program for its Model S car in California, Customer will be able to quickly change their empty battery for a full one instead of recharging it when travelling.

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