January 9th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes more funds for Stem, declining prices for residential solar storage, declining demand and rising renewable generation in Germany, a new project for Aquion, and a 800 kWh project in Australia

1. “Stem […] has just closed a $27 million Series B round”. Constellation Energy Ventures and Total Energy Venture are among the investors. Stem had raised $105m in previous financing rounds for its no money down behind-the-meter storage model.

2. According to BSW-Solar, “Prices for German solar power storage systems have reportedly fallen 25% since the spring”. “Approximately 15,000 German households now use battery storage combined with solar power”

3. The share of renewable electricity in the German mix reached 25.8% in 2014, compared to 24.1% in 2013. Renewables are the first source of electricity in the country, while the total generation came down to 610 TWh from 633 TWh last year.

4. “Aquion Energy, Inc., […] announced that it has signed an agreement to supply a 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery system as part of an off-grid solar microgrid at [residential estate] Bakken Hale on the Island of Hawaii. ” “The microgrid uses a 176 kW solar array, a 1 MWh Aquion AHI battery system, and a propane-fueled generator used solely for emergency backup.”

5. “Sydney-based energy investment group Tag Pacific has today announced it has won a landmark deal to deliver” a 800 kWh battery.

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