January 30th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a “duck curve” ahead of schedule in California, scale down news for GE, a new product for NEC ES, the official launch of French capacity mechanism, and European certification for RedFlow.

Top 5
1. In January 2015, CAISO experienced a duck curve similar to the one it projected to happen in 2020. According to the analyst, this means more long duration energy storage should be added swiftly to the grid.

2. “General Electric is to reduce the production capacity at its sodium nickel battery factory in Schenectady, US, after facing a lack of orders.
GE will also move a “significant portion” of hourly plant workers at the facility to its steam turbine and generator operations at another site. The plans will affect 400 people currently working at the Schenectady plant, which will be downsized to 50 people over the next months.”

3. NEC ES announced the availability of 12 V li-ion batteries that can be aggregated up to 18 kWh systems. The batteries can replace lead acid batteries in a number of applications such as telco, UPS, off grid systems.

4. French article – French energy and environment minister Ségolène Royal signed the decree defining the French Capacity Mechanism.

5. “RedFlow’s (ASX:CFE) core zinc-bromide flow battery has received CE approval, a requirement for sales in Europe.” The batteries will be manufactured by Flextronics and trial sales should begin in Q2 2015.

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