February 6th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes news from underwater CAES company Hydrostor, a new diesel consumption reduction project for Electrovaya, Enstorage activities in Europe and the USA, more details on Eos technology and a MW level storage project in Australia.

Top 5

1. Hydrostor has developed an underwater CAES technology storing compressed air in balloons. “Hydrostor has already signed a contract to build a plant in Aruba: it will construct a 10-MWt [sic] facility on the small Caribbean island to accompany a 30-megawatt wind farm.” The company also has a pilot plant operational with Toronto Hydro.

2. Electrovaya installed a li-ion battery at Glencore Raglan mine in Quebec to cut down fuel consumption by 35-50%. The project is worth $700000.

3. Israeli startup EnStorage is deploying systems in France and the USA.

4. “EOS’ battery innovation is grounded in radical cost reduction through simplicity of design and use of inexpensive materials. Our novel zinc hybrid cathode battery chemistry consists of metal current collectors, salt water electrolyte, a carbon cathode, low-cost catalysts, and plastic frames. Though more than 600 claims from dozens of patents contribute to our “secret sauce,” they all involve low cost manufacturing methods.” EoS VP of Business Development Philippe Bouchard explains.

5. “The trial of Australia’s first grid-integrated ‘network’ battery is underway in Victoria, with the launch last month of AusNet Services 1MW Grid Energy Storage System (GESS), to test the ability of storage to help meet peak power demand. The two-year trial – in partnership with ABB Australia and Samsung SDI – centres on using a portable 1MW battery system to automatically provide local support into the 22kV grid at peak demand periods”

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