February 13th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes projects from AES, Imergy Power Systems and Beacon Power, Tesla stationary storage vision and an update on the French energy transition law and its nuclear policy. 

Top 5

1. AES will install a 10 MW battery in Northern Ireland to integrate wind energy. There are plans to expand the battery to 100 MW in 2017.

2. Imergy Power Systems will supply a 250 kW / 1MWh flow battery to a community college mini grid in California. The battery will be connected to 2.35 MWp of PV.

3. Beacon Power LLC proposes to build a 20 MW flywheel plant to supply frequency regulation to PJM in Pennsylvania.

4. Tesla released its results for 2014. The 35000 Tesla S production target was reached. On stationary storage “[Elon] Musk said that Tesla’s consumer battery for homes and businesses will be on the market “fairly soon,” adding, “We have the design done.” Musk expects production in six months. JB Straubel, Tesla’s CTO, added that Tesla is “bidding on lots of stationary storage, talking to lots of utilities” and “getting an increasing amount of attention.””

5. French article – There is yet a lot of uncertainty about the French law on energy transition. As the two parliament chambers are of opposite political sides, a common vision may be difficult to reach. Among the issues, President Hollande’s objective, which was to reduce nuclear share in the electricity mix from 75% to 50% by 2025, could be abandoned.

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