February 27th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes an order for Alevo and projects for Green Charge Networks, Maxwell and Saft.   

Top 5
1. “Alevo Group, […] announced that it has signed a joint operational agreement with Customized Energy Solutions (CES), a leading energy services company, to provide 200MW of GridBank-powered frequency regulation services to the wholesale energy market.”

2. Green Charge Networks will install 1500 kWh of storage in Californian schools. The schools expect to save up to 50% on their demand charge bill, or an average of $43000 per year in some schools.

3. “Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MXWL), today announced that Freqcon GmbH, a German developer and distributor of renewable energy systems, has deployed an energy storage system for the Tallaght Smart Grid Testbed in Ireland that uses Maxwell ultracapacitors and lithium-ion batteries to support grid stability in both residential and industrial settings.”

4. Saft will install a 200 kW/ 232 kWh battery with an ABB inverter in remote Colville Lake community 50 miles north of the polar circle in Canada. The battery will help reduce the rate of power outages and will be able to sustain temperatures down to minus 50°C.

5. Saft will install a 1 MW/ 520 kWh battery container as a demonstration project on Japanese Niijima island, for ramp and frequency smoothing. The project will also include diesel gensets, solar panels and wind turbines.

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