March 6th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a company purchase by AES Corp, a new project for Redflow in Australia,  a completed project for Hitachi, plans for hydrogen fueling stations in California and the latest figures for renewable development in France.   

Top 5

1. AES Corp purchased Main Street, a distributed solar developer. Renamed AES Distributed Energy, the company will also explore distributed storage.

2. “Technology entrepreneur Simon Hackett today reveals plans to enhance Base64, his $7 million renovated office complex built around an historic Adelaide mansion, by installing [a 300 kW / 660 kWh RedFlow storage system]”. “Installation of the system, worth about $1 million, is expected to commence mid-year.” The batteries will be charged by 80 kW of solar panels.

3. “Hitachi America, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and Demansys Energy, Inc. (“Demansys”), a smart grid technology company with offices in Connecticut and Troy, New York, announced today that they have completed construction and commissioning of a 1 MW Lithium Ion energy storage facility utilizing Hitachi’s “CrystEna” compact container-type energy storage system and have started a demonstration project in Somerdale, New Jersey. ”

4. “The California Energy Commission is about to spend $20 million to build about 50 new hydrogen fueling stations.”

5. French article – around 1 GW of Wind and 1 GW of PV were installed in France in 2014. France installed wind capacity is now 9.1 GW and PV capacity is 5.6 GW.

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