March 20th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a test for the European grid, funding for Sakti3, a storage project for GE in Japan, another one for Nidec/LG Chem/Younicos in Germany, and some high manufacturing targets for BYD.

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Top 5

1. Entso-e estimates that, during the solar eclipse of March 20th (today) the PV output in continental Europe could drop by 34 GW with a ramp down of up to 400 MW/min and a ramp up of up to 700 MW/minute. The main weight of the reduction will fall on Germany’s shoulders. These estimates depend on the cloud coverage.

2. “Today, Dyson announced a $15 million investment in Sakti3, a solid-state battery company. That is in addition to $50 million Sakti3 already has raised from Kholsa Ventures, General Motors, and others.”

3. “GE Japan has installed a high-capacity [500 kW/2 MWh] energy storage system, a gas engine for cogeneration, and various LED lighting equipment at the “Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan” — a pilot project being undertaken by Sekisui House’s Tohoku Factory ”

4. A 2 MW / 2.7 MWh storage project was unveiled in Saxony, Germany. The project was developed by Nidec who supplied the PCS, with LG Chem supplying the battery and Younicos the software. The battery will supply primary reserve to the local utility DREWAG.

5. BYD aims at increasing its manufacturing capacity from 4 GWh last year to 10 GWh this year and continue on the same trend to reach 34 GWh in 2020, which would enable it to compete with Tesla’s planned 35 GWh Gigafactory.

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