April 3rd, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a merging of two CAES companies, a MW-level solar/storage project in Texas, a partnership for Alevo, a CCGT plant closing for Eon in Germany, and a new residential storage product for BYD.

Using secondary reserve data, Clean Horizon studied the effect of the March total solar eclipse on the German grid and its almost 40 GW of installed PV capacity.

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Top 5

1. General Compression and SustainX are planning to merge as GCX Energy Storage. The new company will focus on underground CAES in salt caverns.

2. “Austin Energy [Texas] embarks on a project to begin delivering 2.3 megawatts of community solar power into its localized distribution grid with a 1.6 MW [lithium] ion battery system providing storage at an adjacent substation to save the solar energy for when the sun doesn’t shine.”

3. Alevo will partner with Systems Control for the manufacturing of its batteries’ enclosures.

4. Eon plans to shut down a CCGT plant in Germany with a high efficiency (around 60%) in April 2016. Eon warned it would take legal action if the plant closure was to be prohibited, pursuant to the Reservekraftwerksverordnung.

5. “BYD Co. Ltd. is exhibiting its breakthroughs at the 18th Annual Power & Electricity World Africa 2015, taking place on March 24-25 in Johannesburg, South Africa. […] The company has chosen the event to launch the MINI ES […] a mid-sized, user-friendly energy storage system for the household, consisting of a switch- controlled battery system.”

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