April 17th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a project for Saft, another for Younicos and Leclanché, and updates on ESS, Stem and Enervault.

Foreword: Careers!
One of our clients, one of the world’s leading energy storage companies, is recruiting an energy storage market director for its regional markets in Europe and the Middle East. The position will be based in Amsterdam.
Send an email to careers@cleanhorizon.com if you are interested in learning more!

Top 5
1. Saft is supplying 2.3 MW/ 700 kWh of storage to Enercon for a new 12 MW Wind plant in the Faroe islands.

2. “Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché is to play a key role in the game-changing renewable energy project currently being developed in Graciosa by Younicos. Leclanché will provide the complete Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS), using its industry-leading lithium-ion batteries, which will be combined with Younicos Energy Management software.”

3. ESS was awarded $250000 by Wells Fargo Innovation incubator. The 10-people company was also awarded $135000 last November at the Seattle Angel Conference.

4. “Stem, one of the contenders in the behind-the-meter energy storage market, just scored a $12 million C round with a first tranche led by Mitsui.”

5. “According to sources close to the deal, flow battery aspirant EnerVault has been unable to land additional investment and is restructuring the firm as it looks for new owners.”

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