April 24th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a project for GE, a program favoring storage in Ireland, inclusion of storage in ENTSO-E Ten-Year Network Development Plan, a project for Sumitomo/Toshiba/RES in PJM, and inclusion of storage as part of DOE plan for a better grid.

Foreword: Careers!
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Top 5

1. “GE (NYSE:GE) today announced it will supply Con Edison Development (CED) with an [2 MW] 8 MWh battery energy storage system in Central Valley, CA. The new storage solution will be utilizing GE’s Mark VIe-based plant control system, Brilliance MW Inverters, and packaged lithium ion battery modules.”

2. In Ireland, “EirGrid’s DS3 program, due to start in 2017, is a positive sign for storage developers. This, the operator promises, will allow energy storage companies to provide grid services via a system of competitive bids.”

3. Storage projects can now apply to be part of ENTSO-E’s 2016 Ten-Year Network Development Plan. Submission can be made until April 30th and projects size should be at least 225 MW.

4. Toshiba will install and maintain a 6 MW battery in Ohio to supply frequency regulation to PJM. The project is developed by Sumitomo and additional equipment is supplied by RES.

5. DOE is releasing the first issue of its Quadrennial Energy Review that highlights potential investments and solutions for grid improvement. Energy storage is an important part of the QER as an asset capable of increasing flexibility, says the Energy Storage Association.

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