May 15th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes projects of 63 MW of storage for BYD and 60 MW for NEC ES in the PJM area, and agreements between Tesla and Enel Green Power, ONEnergy and LG Chem, and SunPower and Stem.

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Top 5

1. “Invenergy announced the start of commercial operations of its 31.5 MW Gran Ridge Energy Storage project in La Salle County, Illinois. The project is located about 80 miles southwest of Chicago at Invenergy’s Grand Ridge Energy Centre, which is comprised of a 210 MW wind farm, a 20 MW solar project and an existing 1.5 MW energy storage unit. Gran Ridge Energy storage provides fast-response regulation service to the PJM market.”
Invenergy will also bring online a 31.5 MW storage project in West-Virginia this year. Both projects use BYD batteries.

2. NEC Energy Solutions and Amergin Energy announced a partnership to install 60 MW of storage to supply frequency regulation to PJM. Installation will start this year and operation will begin mid-2016.

3. Tesla will install a pilot 1.5 MW/3 MWh battery for Enel Green Power in a  location yet unknown. This project is part of a wider memorandum of understanding.

4. ONEnergy and LG Chem entered a sale and distribution agreement. “The advanced lithium-ion based energy storage systems developed by LG Chem will enable Sunwave to provide commercial & industrial and residential customers with scalable”

5. SunPower is reselling Stem storage systems. Stem is set to install 10 MW of batteries in 2015.

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