May 22nd 2015

This week’s “Top 5” includes a 300MWh project in Japan, EoS successful round of investment, Samsung SDI development in Austria, Electrovaya’s new factory in Germany and the entry of Enphase into the residential storage market in Australia.


Top 5


1. Kyushu Electric Power received Japanese government subsidies to test a 300 MWh storage project. The batteries technology has not been revealed yet, but it is likely that Li-ion will be chosen.

2. EoS announced the closing of a $23m round C of investment. Investors include AltEnergy LLC, OCI, NRG Energy and Fisher Brothers. The company claims to have received 3000 MWh of orders for its 1 MW/ 4 MWh Aurora battery sold at $160/kWh, with first deliveries starting next year.

3. Samsung SDI officially launched Samsung SDI Battery Systems (SDIBS) in Austria. This subsidiary is the battery pack business of Magna international that was bought by Samsung SDI earlier this year to enhance its EV battery business.

4. “Electrovaya, a small Canadian battery maker, is looking to compete with the top companies in storage after buying an electrode manufacturing plant previously owned by Evonik and Daimler. The company announced a supply agreement with lithium-ion battery producer Leclanché less than a week after completing its acquisition of Evonik Litarion, which has a 500-megawatt-hour-capacity factory in Germany.”

5. Enphase has chosen Australia to be the launch-pad, early next year, for its new battery storage offering – a 1.2kWh system that it will integrate with its micro-inverters and other smart technology.”