May 29th 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a potential national 8 GW target for storage in the USA by 2021, a new chemistry for NEC ES, a 2 MW project for Duke Energy, LG Chem and Greensmith in the PJM area, a new storage product for C&I applications, and a 320 kW project for Beacon Power in Alaska.

Top 5

“Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) quietly introduced legislation to the Energy Committee last week that would set national targets for energy storage by 2021 and 2025 in order to meet growing peak demand on the grid and help the integration of renewable energy. Under the bill, called the Energy Storage and Deployment Act of 2015, large retail electric utilities would need to meet at least 1 percent of their peak demand from storage by 2021″. This would mean 8 GW of storage by 2021 and 18 GW by 2024.

2. NEC ES introduced its SLD technology, for one-hour to four-hour applications. The lithium manganese oxide chemistry will be priced up to 30% lower than NEC ES current products.

3. “Duke Energy, LG Chem and Greensmith will team up to build a battery-based energy storage system in Ohio […] The new 2-megawatt (MW) storage project will assist in regulating electric grid frequency for PJM” Parker Hannifin will supply the inverter.

4. “Gexpro, […] will offer in conjunction with Geli, Ideal Power and LG Chem, a [30 kW 45 kWh] Battery Energy Storage Solution (“BESS”), Gexpro Power IQ, to commercial and industrial customers.”

5. Beacon Power will supply 320 kW of flywheel to Chugah Electric Association in Alaska as part of a Flywheel/Battery hybrid pilot that could be extended all throughout Alaska.

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