June 12th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a 20MW project on MISO’s area by AES, the entry of Panasonic into the Australian residential market, a new partnership between Saft and KACO, a mobile 1MWh battery project in Germany and a 6,4m€ power to gas project for McPhy in China.

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Top 5

  1. « Indiana Power and Light (IPL) announced it is developing grid-scale battery-based energy storage to improve reliability and lower costs for its customers. The IPL facility will provide 20 MW of interconnected advanced, battery-based energy […] This will be the first grid-scale energy storage array in the 15 state Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) grid system. »
  1. « Panasonic will start to sell energy storage solutions to Australian power companies like Red Energy and ActewAGL this October, according to recent reports. Like Tesla’s energy storage products, built around Panasonic cells, they are lithium-ion batteries. Panasonic energy storage solutions will be available in New Zealand as well. »
  1. « In a new partnership with KACO new energy GmbH, one of Germany’s leading inverter brands, Saft is offering the Intensium® Home 10M that has been developed alongside KACO’s new three-phase inverter. »
  1. Westnetz GmbH, a German distribution system operator, will implement a mobile battery storage of 250kW / 1MWh with technologies provided by LG Chem and Parker Hannifin by the end of 2015. This mobile battery will be used to support the grid during transitory periods to avoid permanent grid upgrades that would quickly become useless. (in German)
  1. « McPhy Energy, a company specializing in hydrogen-based solutions for industrial and energy storage, has just signed a €6.4 million contract to supply a “Wind to Hydrogen” (“Power to Gas”) system for the recovery of surplus energy generated by a 200 MW wind farm site currently under construction in the Hebei province of China. »

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