Top 5 energy storage news of the week

June 19th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a new capacity mechanism in PJM, Enervault filing for assignment before creditors, a second life for Nissan Leaf’s batteries, a large scale smart grid project in Germany and a small project in India for Imergy.

Top 5

  1. « FERC has accepted PJM’s Capacity Performance proposal, meaning that for the first time, energy storage can participate in the capacity market. Storage resources that commit to providing energy, reserves or frequency regulation during system emergencies (i.e., historically defined as 30 hours/year) will receive guaranteed payments. »
  1. The flow battery startup Enervault files for assignment before creditors.
  1. « By late 2015, Green Charge plans to have systems using ex-Nissan Leaf batteries commercially available in U.S. and international markets. They will be sold under the same no-money-down, revenue-sharing financing model, called a power-efficiency agreement, which Green Charge has used for its existing behind-the-meter deployments »
  1. Younicos will take part in the Enera consortium in which 200m€ will be invested to build « a showcase for smart energy » in order to demonstrate that storage can « reduce the need for network expansion and lower costs for consumers »
  1. « Imergy Power Systems has installed a 30 kilowatt, 120 kilowatt-hour ESP30 vanadium flow battery at Global Academy of Technology (GAT) College in Bangalore, India. »

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