July 3rd, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a tax on residential storage in Spain, a new offer from SolarCity that includes storage, a high performance new technology from Samsung, Redflow’s entry in the European market, and the upgrade of Duke Energy’s 36MW of lead-acid batteries to Li-ion.

Top 5

  1. The Spanish Ministry of Energy proposed a legislation that would tax owners of solar plus storage systems $10 per kilowatt of capacity. The proposal has upset many people in the country.
  1. « SolarCity – the U.S. provider of leased solar systems – has announced this week that it is to offer a new storage and solar package as part of its Homebuilder Program. The solution comprises the Tesla Powerwall, advanced hybrid inverter, monitoring and control systems and a warranty and service agreement. »
  1. « Samsung researchers have developed a new technology that enables them to coat silicon battery cathodes with high crystal graphene. This means that they can now virtually double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries! »
  1. « Redflow Europe GmbH (Munich, Germany), provider of energy storage flow batteries, has announced its entry into the European market. »
  1. «Duke Energy, Samsung SDI and Younicos will team up to update Duke Energy’s 36-megawatt (MW) energy storage and power management system at the company’s Notrees Windpower Project in west Texas.  The system, one of the nation’s largest, has been operating since 2012 with lead acid batteries. Over the course of 2016, these batteries will be gradually replaced with lithium-ion technology. »

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