August 7th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a deal for Sunverge in Australia, the commercialization of Sony’s batteries in Hawaii by Blue Planet, and of a fully integrated residential storage product in India by Acme, a new CAISO rule allowing the aggregation of distributed sources, including batteries, and an insight on the growing Australian market for residential storage.

Top 5

  1. « Californian electricity storage developer Sunverge Energy has forged an alliance with Ergon Energy for a limited commercial rollout of its power systems in Queensland homes. The deal involves installing SunPower solar panels and Sunverge energy storage systems in 33 homes in Toowoomba, Townsville and Cannonvale in a program that will receive $400,000 of funding by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. »
  1. Blue Planet Energy Systems will sell and install Sony’s lithium-iron phosphate batteries in homes and businesses that use solar power in Hawaii.
  1. The Indian solar developer Acme Cleantech Solutions presented the EcoGrid battery system, the first commercial lithium-ion battery introduced in India. It consists of a fully integrated 6.6kWh Samsung SDI battery, and is sold at $5,500.
  1. « CAISO has approved rules that allow companies to buy electricity from numerous homes and commercial power systems (which includes PV, batteries and EVs), then bundle it to meet the threshold needed to sell energy on the wholesale market »
  1. In Australia, « one in four households installing new solar arrays are also investing in battery energy storage», and this number is expected to increase with the entry of new participants and products into the market.

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