Top 5

September 18th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a huge 52MWh project in Hawaii by SolarCity, a 7MW/3MWh project in Ohia for S&C, the entry of SimpliPhi Power into the residential and small C&I market, Ambri’s product commercialization being postponed and a project of transportable battery by Electrovaya and ConEdison.

  1. « A 13MW solar farm connected to a huge 52MWh battery will be built on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to use solar in the evenings to meet peak demand, under a 20-year contract between SolarCity and an electric utility co-operative. »
  1. S&C Electric Company was awarded a new project by Half Moon Ventures to supply and build a 7MW/3MWh energy storage facility. The project will be located in Minster, Ohio and will be used to sell into PJM’s frequency regulation market as well as defer T&D costs, improve power quality and shave peak demand.
  1. « SimpliPhi Power will enter the residential and light-commercial storage market with its non-toxic lithium ferrous phosphate battery and inverters from Schneider. The company claims it can eliminate the need for any thermal mitigation and operates at 98% efficiency. »
  1. Ambri will not be delivering commercial prototype systems later this year or early next, as originally planned due to technical difficulties. Consequently, Ambri’s staff has been reduced by approximately 25 percent.
  1. « Electrovaya announced that it has kicked off a project for Con Edison, for a transportable 0.5MWh lithium ion battery storage system as an alternative to diesel generators and to add energy resilience and efficiency to the electric grid. »

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